Casino technology development

Online casino gaming is changing and constantly evolving, powered by both technological and software advances and market trends with shifting preferences of the audience. In our short overview, we’ve collected some of the biggest trends and changes in online casino development that were dominating the UK online casino market in the last couple of years.

Mobile casino gaming

The rise of mobile casinos, casino apps, and mobile-responsive casino websites most certainly was one of the trends that dominated the market recently. Those casinos that realised that players need freedom to play anywhere they want, were achieving some incredible results and this trend will keep growing. HTML5 mobile technology gives casinos an opportunity to offers most of their games in a smooth and seamless manner on mobiles and tablets. We’ve also seen this technological trend moving into marketing direction with some casinos giving better bonuses to their mobile users. Another fact that is worth mentioning regarding the mobile casino development is the release of most new slot games in either mobile compatible version or a separate mobile game release such as NetEnt Touch technology. 

Virtual Reality Casino

One of the latest trends is without any doubt the move into the Virtual Reality technology. We’ve seen virtual reality casinos, where players can fully immerse and get the experience closest to visiting a land-based casino. There were also movements in releasing the most popular slots in a separate VR version to cater for players who crave deeper and more engaged gambling experience with the ability to play casino games and slots on a large TV screen with Google glasses or VR headset.  

Bitcoin casino payments

While it still involves some legal uncertainties, Bitcoin online casinos are on the rise with more and more online casino operators doing their best to start accepting Bitcoin and attract the audience that favors this payment method. A lot of experts predict that Bitcoin will strengthen its positions in 2017 because of the anonymity, privacy and better tax terms that it entails. However, not all casino operators are fully ready to engage in the Bitcoin business, so what they are doing instead, is trying to widen the choice of deposit and withdrawal payment methods to cater to a wider audience. 

The rise of Live Casino

Live Casino with real dealers has been increasing its popularity massively in the last few years, and it’s no surprise since Live Casino provides the closest experience to a land-based casino. But with the advances in webcam technologies the Live Gambling is becoming more and more immersed and popular, and marketing-wise some casinos are starting to offer more niche, unusual or themed Live Casinos.

These are the main and most prominent trends in online casino technology development over the last years, and some of these bigger trends create micro-trends as well. What is always important to remember that being on top of the game technology can mean a world of difference for a casino operator or a game developer. The demanding audience wants a better experience, and it’s great to see that the technology is allowing the market to offer more customised solutions.

14 Feb 2017